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Saturday of the Fifth Week of Easter ‘b’


We all want to be liked, loved, accepted. We want others to think and talk positively about us. No one wants to be hated and rejected. So, most of us would try to be good to others just to earn that acceptance and to be liked. Would that work? Well, for some people it would. But still, there will be others who won’t like us at all or would talk badly or even lie about us. Think about Jesus, the Son of God, a most Holy person, who never did anything wrong to anybody. Instead, He loved, He forgave, He healed, and He brought death to life, but still He ended up being rejected and killed. Our mission is to spread that Good News of the Gospel, our mission is to bring Christ to others not only by our words, but especially with our good deeds. However, just like our Lord, we might be hated and rejected by others. Jesus is very clear and is warning His disciples today: “If the world hates you, realize that it hated me first.” We can’t be surprised if some will hate us because of our faith.

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