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Memorial of the Passion of St. John the Baptist

It is never easy to hear others correcting us or our way of living. It is not easy, and most likely it makes us angry when someone tells us that we should change or that what we are doing is wrong. Natural human reaction, and most times our pride won’t let us accept other people’s concern. Saint John the Baptist lost his life for not being afraid to always say the truth, even to King Herod, namely, that by marrying his brother Philip’s wife, he committed sin, and it was morally wrong. Herod and Herodias couldn’t accept the truth and couldn’t stand John the Baptist for correcting them. That’s why John the Baptist lost his life. On the day when we celebrate the memorial of the passion of St. John the Baptist, we need to ask ourselves if we live according to our moral values. If not -- am I humble enough to admit it and listen to those who are concerned about my way of living? Finally - am I able to correct others, not because I think I am better, but simply because I love the another person.

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