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Monday of the 17 week in ordinary time ‘b’

Mt 13:31-35

The Kingdom of God, the Kingdom of Heaven -- we hear these phrases many times. What does it mean? What is Jesus referring to while speaking about God’s Kingdom? As we all know, there is an ongoing battle between good and evil. And even though it may seem that there is too much evil around us, Jesus reminds his followers that there will be a time when God will win that battle and, in His Kingdom, there is no room for any evil. When will that happen? Only God knows. All we know is what Jesus revealed to us. He says that God’s Kingdom starts like a seed planted into the soil and then it grows, slowly at first, but it grows and grows until it takes over everything. Just like the mustard seed from the parable. One day God’s Kingdom, a Kingdom of joy, love and peace, will win the battle over evil.

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