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Monday of the Twenty Ninth Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

It is important to save money for the future so you can buy a place to live, or to have a car that is reliable. We do own many things which make our lives easier, more comfortable, or simply make us happier. However, there are times when we forget that none of these earthly belongings nor any kind of money that we may have saved, can we take with us after we die. Everything we have will be left behind. At the day of judgment, God will not be asking us how much we have saved, or how famous, powerful, or well educated we were. He will only ask you what kind of treasure you have stored up for yourself in heaven. All the good deeds, all our love, peace, friendship, thanksgiving, and joy we share with others -- these are the treasures that will last forever and in the end will help us reach eternal life. Everything else will not matter.

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