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Saturday in the Second Week of Christmas ‘b’


For today, one of the gospels reading that we can choose from is the gospel according to Luke that presents us with all those difficult names of the ancestors of Jesus. But before we learn about all those ancestors, we read that “When Jesus began his ministry, he was about thirty years of age. He was the son, as was thought, of Joseph, the son of Heli…” Jesus was about thirty years old when He was ready to begin His church, to call His disciples, to proclaim the good news of salvation. He was ready to perform miracles and attract others to Himself. We don’t know why He didn’t begin earlier or later, but that is not important. We are all different, we are in different stages of life, younger, older, and we all have different experiences of life. However, after Our Lord, we are called to continue Jesus’ Church to keep growing. We all have been given enough talents to bring others closer to Jesus, despite our age, and despite the places we came from, and despite our ancestors.

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