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Tuesday of the Sixth Week of Easter ‘b’


In the gospel reading today, Jesus is telling His disciples about the necessity for Him to go to the Father. He will no longer be with His friends the way that they used to be. He will send them the Advocate, the Holy Spirit, who will guide them on their journey. Jesus said to them: “but because I told you this, grief has filled your hearts.” That grief comes from misunderstanding what the Lord is telling them. Jesus, whom they know and love, will be leaving them and now they will be on their own. A big change in the disciples’ lives. We all face uncertain moments in our lives when we change our school, move to a new community, get married, become a parent, or discern a religious vocation. Those times can be exciting yet at the same time challenging and uncertain. In moments like those, we should ask Jesus to send us an Advocate who will lead us, guide us, and help us understand God’s will in our lives.

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