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Second Sunday of Lent ‘c’

We all know that in order to learn more, to know more, experience more in this world, a person must read, do research, learn from others, meet interesting people, travel to different places and many more things. A person can’t formulate an opinion on some subject without prior learning and study. For example, you can’t say to someone -- Go and visit Mexico, it’s such a beautiful country -- but you have never been there. Or -- read that book -- but you haven’t read it. If you want to experience breath-taking views, you need to hike a high mountain. Similarly in our spiritual life, you can’t say ‘I love Jesus’ without learning about Him, experiencing His presence in your life, praying and loving Him yourself. This is exactly what happened on the mount of Transfiguration to Peter, James, and John. Jesus wanted them to have that deep spiritual experience so they could share that experience with others. They were blessed to be there, to see what they saw, and to have proof that Jesus is the Son of God: “Then from the cloud came a voice that said, this is my chosen Son; listen to him.” We are all called to share with others that Jesus is the Son of God; but in order to share that with this world, we need to first experience it ourselves.

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