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Thirty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time ‘a’

There are times when we look at other people, thinking that they are more blessed than we are. We may think - how come I am not as good looking as she is, or why am I not as smart as he is? We may end up envying others for what they have - a better job, more money, a beautiful house, a brand-new car, a loving family, and so on. However, when we do that, when we envy others what they have, we are wasting all that energy, yet forgetting to realize that we are also blessed with things that others don’t have. When we envy others, we forget about the talents that we have received from God, and we bury them in the ground just like that servant from Jesus’ parable who received only one talent. The truth is that we may not have as much as others, we may have had received only one talent from God. However, we still must be thankful for it and use it and multiply it, so it will benefit us and others.

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