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Thursday of the Twenty Eighth Week in Ordinary Time ‘a’

Woe to you scholars of the law, woe to you Pharisees! They must have been shocked hearing those warnings from Jesus. That’s why they rejected Him, that’s why they crucified Him. But Jesus wasn’t afraid to speak the truth and correct others. They were expecting that the Messiah would come to them and become their friend, telling them how wonderful they are. However, Jesus was spending time with tax collectors and sinners and criticized the religious leaders of that time. No, we don’t want the Christ like that, we want the Messiah to praise us. We may fall into a similar temptation. Jesus loves me, so I can do whatever I want. He is loving and will always forgive me. Or I don’t want the Church to correct me or tell me how to live. And yes, Jesus is indeed loving and forgiving, but at the same time He will always tell you the truth and correct you when you are wrong… Woe to you!

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