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Thursday of the Twenty Second Week in Ordinary Time ‘c’

Few days ago, I was looking for something in my room. And I knew that the item I was looking for should be in one of the drawers of my desk. But I looked once, then a second time, but I couldn’t find it. So, I started searching other places with no luck. It has to be in that drawer -- I thought. I was almost positive I put it in there, so how come it’s not in there? So, again I opened it, checked, and there it was. I found it! Somehow, when I was looking, I just couldn’t see it. It is always good to try again. St. Peter was an expert in fishing; he was doing this his entire life. So, that morning when he didn’t catch anything, he gave up, knowing that this was not a good day for fishing. He must have been very frustrated when Jesus told him to ‘try again’. He could have said: Lord, what do you know about this job? I tried many times. That’s it, let’s go home. But he humbly trusted Jesus and was able to catch many fish. It is very similar to our spiritual life, with our prayer, with our relationship with Jesus -- we may have tried many different things to improve it, but with no luck. And so, Jesus tells you today: don’t give up, have faith, just try one more time -- but this time with me.

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