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Tuesday of the 4 week in ordinary time ‘c’

During this current pandemic, we have learned to keep reasonable distance, to avoid close contact with others even with people that we love and know. We did that in order to be safe and to stop spreading this virus. Even in our church while performing the holy sacraments, we have learned how to avoid touching each other. This is very sad, because touching is important, hugging is important, and also hand shaking. These simple gestures show our love, concern, and respect toward our brothers and sisters. That’s why not being able to touch each other has been a ‘down-er’. As I have said, even we priests were asked not to lay our hands on newly baptized children and that we should use a cotton swab to anoint a sick person. Jesus knows that we need to have close physical contact because it will bring comfort, especially to those who are sick and lonely. The very sick woman from the Gospel reading today touched Jesus, “She said, If I but touch his clothes, I shall be cured.” And then Jesus brought the little girl back to life by simply taking her by the hand: “He took the child by the hand.” We need to touch each other, shake our hands, lay on our hands, and hug. Again, those simple gestures bring comfort, healing, and love. They make us brothers and sisters.

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