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Wednesday of the First Week of Advent ‘b’



Multiplication of bread and fish - a great miracle! Jesus was able to multiply the small amount of the food they had and to feed the crowds - “they all ate and were satisfied.” But you know what always surprises me in this story? It’s the fact that Jesus didn’t want any food to be wasted. That’s why, after all the people had eaten, they picked up the baskets and collected the fragments left over. Think about that for a moment. Among the people gathered, there was God who could feed them whenever they were hungry, they all were satisfied. They could have just gone and let the birds feed on those fragments of bread and fish. However, Jesus used that opportunity to teach us a lesson. And the lesson is simple - God doesn’t want us to waste any food. Most of us don’t go hungry; we have enough to eat. Perhaps we buy too much and then we have to throw it away. This Advent we should thank God for the food that He is giving us. Maybe we should pray more often before the meal and thank Him for the food. And then we should try not to buy too much food, so we will not waste it.

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