God is not silent

ONE MINUTE reflections


God is not silent,


With all that is happening in this world and around us,

at times we may feel that God doesn’t listen to us,

He seems silent. But if we are able to stop for a moment- even for A MINUTE- 

we will be able to realize that God is not silent.

He speaks to us through other people, through many situations in life

and He speaks to us through the Gospel.

I try to find His message in the daily mass Gospel reading. 

I am a Catholic priest, so I preach on a daily basis. But my intention here with these reflections is not to write long homilies but simply to see

what Christ is telling me through the Gospel reading each day. 

I hope those of you who visit this site will find

these reflections helpful in finding God’s message in this busy world. 

In order to make this page more inviting, I am sharing with you some of my photographic work. 


Fr. Kris


'it only takes 1 minute'



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